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Originally Posted by lasonio View Post
Not to call you a liar or anything; but there is no ay, NO WAY the BREEN ABSOLUTE ZERO set is posting those kind of numbers. It doesn't do anything other then give you 30.5 to transphasic torps
The Breen set gives me an extra 3000 damage per shot to cluster torpedoes. Add in Attack Pattern beta III and that extra damage becomes 4500 extra damage per shot. Hit 3 targets in the AoE and that?s an extra 13,500 damage per volley just from the Breen set. See screenshot

3429.9 x10 = 34,299 damage per volley with a volley every 15seconds on my build. Attack pattern Beta III lowers hull resistance by 50% so that is 50% more damage so I hit for for around 51,448.5 none critical if shields are down. As for critical well I have not got time to work it out but it should be over 100k. Now if I hit and shields are up I am still doing 15k to 25k to hull per 15 seconds with cluster followed up by around 2.4k for the none cluster torps.

STF's you get a lot of no shielded targets or cubes with weak shields and massive hulls and lots of grouped targets. So you can pull off some decent DPS numbers.

I believe there is a 20% damage variance so sometimes you hit for 41,158.8 none critical and 61,738.2 with beta III.

EDIT: In short I find the Breen set with Transphasic setups perfectly feasible for Elite STF’s. It is very fun to hit groups of Borg with a clusters and KDF can always use other torp set.

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