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Originally Posted by captainbmoney View Post
Constellation Class Cruiser

400 Crew
4 Fore
4 Aft
Cm Eng
LT Tac
LT Sci
Ens Sci
4 Eng Console Slots
3 Sci Console Slots
2 Tac Console Slots
Cannot Equip Dual and Dual Heavy Cannons.

Changes made in red.

Reason being: STILL NOT A COMBAT SHIP. The original Connie was more of an exploration ship than anything else.

I personally am far from fond of the ship to begin with. Tbh, I only like TOS era stories, not the ships. If they never put anything in this game other than what they currently have from TOS, I would barely care. As is, no, you may not make this a tactical ship. Suffer with the rest of the cruisers and be an engi sci ship.

And if any of you pipe up about the excel having an LtCmdr tac, just look at most of the excel threads and you will see my opinion on that ship.

As a final note:

I believe my point can be properly iterated at 0:17 - 0:25.
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