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01-13-2013, 03:04 AM
I'd like to see ALL canon ships added to the game.
The Constellation is a canon ship.

I'd very much like to fly one.

I always found it funny that the descriptions of the Stargazer and the Defiant sounded so similar, if inverse.

Stargazer: "overworked, underpowered vessel that was always on the verge of flying apart at the seams"
Defiant: "Overpowered and overgunned", "Tough little ship"

Voyager seemed to borrow from both of those descriptions.

If I were going to try and stat such a ship, I think I'd make it a true frigate (like the Miranda), with some elements borrowed from Escorts and Science Vessels, with the obligatory "not enough power" to run everything at full blast, at once. Basically the "worst of both worlds". Not enough shields (escort) not enough weapons (science), not enough power (escort). Sure, give it the ability to heal and target specific systems.. give it the ability to mount Escort weapons.. but it would really only benefit people who were masters of power management.
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