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01-13-2013, 03:39 AM
Originally Posted by scurry5 View Post
Hey, guys. I need some build advice and feedback for my torp boat Wells class. It's run on a Sci toon, and aims for general debuffing, with a side of CC.

Fore: Omega Torp, 2xPlasma Torp Launcher Mk XI [Acc][CrtD][CrtH]
Aft: Cutting Beam, Romulan Plasma Torp Launcher, Polarised Disruptor Beam Array (Gonna swap it for the Rom Experimental later)

Eng: Tippler Cylinder, ZPE, Borg
Sci: Tachyokinetic, 3xParticle Gen
Tac: 3xPlasma torp damage

Doffs (all purple):
1xSDO, 2xPWO, 1xSystem Engineer (Additional VM), 1xGravimetric Sci

Cmdr Sci: TB1, TSS2, GW1, VM3
LtCmdr Uni (Eng): EPtS1, RSP1, EWP1
Lt Sci: ST1, HE2
Lt Uni (Tac): TT1, TS2
Ens Eng: EPtA1

Power settings:

Now, the main problem I currently have is getting my hull pounded by transphasics. As such, I'm considering swapping RSP for AtS. Any other suggestions are welcome, including getting a different ship for the Sci/Sci debuff role.
Swapping RSP for Aux2SIF isn't a bad idea. I prefer it in a team setting, though I am more likely to use RSP while PUGging.

The other suggestion I might add is doubling down on your EPtS and dropping the EPtA, more resists.

With the DOFFs, well 1 SDO isn't really doing too much for you. At least not reliably. I would throw a 2nd Systems Engineer in there.

Otherwise, it's a fairly solid build. Especially if you happen to have some team support.
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