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01-13-2013, 04:00 AM

I am now in my second fleet and it feels like a complete Dead End. About 100 members, some projects are stil filling up since about 3 weeks. The progress is very slowly.

The guys and gals are very new user friendly, help wherever they can and do not punish someone if a STF has failed. But the lazyness of most of the other players results in very slow Starbase and Embassy upgrading. I have spent 200.000 Dilithium in projects on one day, an amount I never had because of some health problems what keeps me from playing more often.

I am more a supporter than actually a 24/7 STFler. I support with Dilithium, Doffs, ....
But I am not really in STF or organized Fleet actions.

Would I still have a chance to be a member in T.F.S. with providing from my side and getting help from the fleet members?

Thank you for taking your time.