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01-13-2013, 05:19 AM
If the cutting beam is getting stronger with a weaker tractor beam on shorter cool-down then it sounds like it should even out. Currently the borg tractor beam is very powerful; it absolutely destroys enemy hull if you can keep their shields down, which isn't hard if you time it right in an escort since you're also using the beam to lock the enemy in place with their weakest shields toward you.

I'd like to see the tractor beam either be more powerful with higher mark sets, or have the faster cool-down (latter is probably best), as currently there doesn't seem a whole lot of reason to upgrade to Mk XII. It might be interesting if the 3-piece bonus for the set actually included a damage buff to the kinetic cutting beam, so the beam would be more powerful in general when using the Mk XII borg shields/engines/deflector set as opposed to the Mk X.

I think that making the beam use generic consoles would be fair; I don't think many people would do that anyway. My main wish for the cutting beam would be to swap it from the current [dmg]x3 bonus that it has, and give it an [acc] bonus instead. I'd also still like the beam to use beam abilities; except maybe beam overload, as it could be very good for anti-projectile point defence when used with fire at will, and it makes sense that it should be able to target subsystems since it's purpose is after all to cut chunks out of ships!

I just hope that if they're tweaking the beam that they're going to look at the assimilated weapon set bonus; the 3-piece bonus is pretty useless, which has me using the romulan plasma torpedo launcher instead, even though I prefer the omega one.

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Its a red beam that shoots from turrets hardpoints, if you are in a AP boat its no wonder you can tell since its uses the same color as AP beams but its easy to spot if you flying beamboats as it most of the time will not fire from the usual spots.
I'm definitely not seeing it then; I'm running with plasma weapons at the moment, to take advantage of the romulan singularity harness set in PvE.