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01-13-2013, 05:26 AM
Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
So you basically ignored the advice given to you by both myself and bareel, and in fact gimped your build.
Not quite, no, In fact I have noticed a large improvement in the ships performance, as stated I am debating the second RCS (reference DDIS's escort build in the pvp forums) and the MACO engines are running at the highest bonus giving power level, the shields hold up well and thanks to the extra little bit of aux power the healing is quite good also. All in all the survivability if far higher than the Omega set and the RCS consoles make up for the lost turn rate allowing me the same good target uptime, the extra power flow when attacked also plays in my favour.
Basically I did analyse all three sources and took the best from each while allowing for my playing enjoyment, there is after-all no point in playing something you don't enjoy, or have I missed the point of a game here?

I'm afraid I see no point in spending a useful buff to run 2 copies of something I can cycle, I would see that as gimping my build, I will continue to play with that second eng console slot to see if I can get another resistance console in there without losing too much target uptime, if I can't I wait for the fleet version of the ship.