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01-13-2013, 05:46 AM
The Conn Doffs are fine more for the +attack pattern than anything else but I must say. Also this is PvE perspective PvP is a different style where different things work better than others.

I still do not see attack pattern beta in the build. You have the ability to increase all damage from your team against your target hull by around 30-40%+ and are not using it. I view that like I do a Science Vessel that lacks Gravity Well and/or TBR. Or a cruiser that uses -Threat consoles. A waste. Attack Pattern Beta in most STFs will be responsible for more damage than entire ships.

In most ESTFs your Eng Cruiser would have increased overall team DPS by more than this escort by virtue of the Attack Pattern Beta II it carries on a good team. If you want this to fly in PvP as well simply train one of your tacs in APB3 and swap them around depending on content you are doing.

Have you ever seen what happens when an enemy hits around -60-70 % resist? Have you ever seen a gate melt as fast as a sphere? That is the power of APB, Sensor Scan, and FoMM at work.