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Originally Posted by fedman70 View Post
I heard the kits might be worth it.

Crafting is usually a good source of in game currency in most MMOG, not this one.
Sadly, I agree.

I think Crafting is worth it though for a variety of reasons. Concerning this discussion:

- I don't need to wait for a random drop to give me that item I could use.
- I also wouldn't need to pay the price someone else thinks I should pay for an item.
- Finally, I don't have to search the galaxy for the vendor that sells what I might want or need (or for Exchange hubs).

Only the Very Rare craftable items require unreplicatable material, so if I'm happy with rare items (which I am), then I don't need to 1) farm Dilithium for unreplicatable material, or 2) spend EC on anything.

In other words, crafting is worth it because the player controls when and what items are aquired (within the limits of the item pool).

/steps off soapbox - to answer the OP: everything is worth crafting ... it's a matter of perspective to each player.
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