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well if i have your attention, i certainly can expand.

first of all the last thing im going to do is suggest an npc should be nerfed. i think npc's should be 10 times more dangerous, with 10 times the number of station powers, using them as often as player ships do. i also think no npc's should be in pvp at all, that included carrier pets.

ok, i'll come half way, carriers can have pets, only if they are direct damage only pets with no debuffs, holds, drains, stuns or slows. those are player ship replacements that can be recycled so quickly that they can use them more often then players themselves.

fleet suport, photonic fleet, these call in the romulan ship consumables, they are nice, logical ideas. but they are a case of just because you can do a thing, does not mean you should. the D'd for example, say im in a bad way in a pug, and run off. 1 escort runs me down and we are about to have a bit of a duel. i call in a D'd, and as soon as it warps in it tractor beams and VMs my opponent, likely disabling weapons, engines or aux instantly. this guy is in a position were none of his counters work, and then the D'd launches 3 powerful torps, and to further stun the guy a PSW. during this time, i have free reign to decimate this guy, if im in an escort he has no hope of surviving this. basically, its like i had a player sci ship covering me and setting up a kill for me. calling it in in the middle of a slugfest? proboly wont do much, but any VM someones receives elevates their chances of dieing in the next 10 seconds to about 80%.

thers nothing wrong with the npc, its just in the wrong place, a pvp match. a pvp match were spam is the deciding factor is not pvp, its a farce. theres several problematic ships that can be called in in fleet support too. galaxy X dreads with lances and super strong tractor beams, typhon battleships with TBR that deal 3-5K damage per tic, iso charging negvars, these things can turn player interactions on their head, especially that TBR from the typhoon.

basically, they should all be done away with, or locked out of use in pvp. give the sci captains a mini tier 5 rom active, a +50 to all sci powers every 5 minutes in place of photonic fleet. make photonic fleet a consumable that can be used by anyone in pve.

what would damage only pets look like? how about this

type8/10- 2 beam arrays, faw1/2

runabouts- DBB with BO1/2, photon/quantum spread1/2. make them frigates and only usable on full carriers

fighters- same

delta flyers- 1 beam arrays, faw1/2, transphasics HY1/2

shield, hull repair drones, those are fine too.
Well said mate. Spot on.