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Originally Posted by voporak View Post
To all of you saying "Just hit EPtS and RSP, and brace for impact":

This is the fleet tactical escort retrofit. When I've just used my abilities to repair my shields and get my hull back up from when it was being eaten by plasma fire, I don't have anything else to throw up. "Use tactical team dude" How does activating that help when it tore through all my shields and hull? The same goes for RSP.

Now I notice many of you focused on how I must be new and clueless, yet you didn't talk about my original point. I will say it again, a torpedo spread should not be capable of one shotting me through all shields and hull. The damage from it was ludicrous.

So please. Don't say "Your build sucks" because that is obviously not what I am talking about, nor does my build suck.
Every boss in every game has one-shot abilities to force you to find glitches to kill it. STO is not different. Donatra doesn't have any rear torp. You should have no trouble to move with your escort. Furthermore, if you keep moving at max speed i hope you reach the +70% bonus defense cap. It's also a great help. When you're targeted or in her fore arc, keep moving.

If you can't then you can hit BFI or EPTS, it'll solve your issue. There is absolutely no reason to hold the aggro as a tac by the way, you have the flight speed to get out of trouble as soon as possible whenever you want. You can also ask for heal from your teammates flying cruisers.

There are many solutions. These abilities exist so that bosses aren't zerg fests you can gang in map corners. It's a necessity so that it's not just a matter of how big your cannons are. Those game have no interest if we just need to dps mobs like crazy till they die.

I hope it's clearer, and i hope you understand why we keep telling you it's how you play and not the game. We can all deal with that. If it's too hard for you then you can also stick to fleet actions, defera or infected space normal. Those one shot abilities don't exist there.

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