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01-13-2013, 09:21 AM
Originally Posted by doubleohnine View Post
NO GRIND OR RISA REPUTATION SYSTEM! Are you people crazy? We have enough reputations bleeding us dry.
That's why I tried to steer it to beer. All the alcohol you can buy from vendors costs 20each. That's a small fraction of the current rep costs. And the rest you get for free from doff missions. If it happens it'll follow the same pattern, better to guide it to a low-cost model. If they see that low cost works, then the next step is a reputation that has no cost.

My wish list:

Fly fishing: If Im going to grind the F key, make it fit. Fed or KDF can fly fish along stream for tropical fish. Make us move around up and down stream for moving hotspots. We try to catch rare fish, and turn them in at resort. By themselves they pay out good consumables, or 5 rare fish with a little zen buys something cool in z store.

For KDF, simulate The Hunt for targs or something or a big melee only fight against NPC enemies. Klingon vacation is just cooler fighting opportunities.
These two sound quite fun. Good ideas all through the post, but these two are my favorites.