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01-13-2013, 10:26 AM
Originally Posted by majortiraomega View Post
Some of those craft can barely survive Quantum Torpedo Spread III, which makes the little pets more than a minor nuisance when coupled with the very short redeployment cooldown.
What you call a "minor nuisance" is the main asset of carrier ships. It shouldn't be "minor". I'm tired of reading that pets shouldn't be "a nuisance". What is a carrier supposed to do?

We fly carriers because we want pets to be able to contribute to pve and pvp matches in a meaningful way, not to be OS by a torp spread. This is ridiculous. It's definitely not "spam" but a mobile part of our ships with minor abilities.

As far as the romulan ships are concerned, i'd like to be able to use them in pvp too. Why not? While some hardcore pvp-ers won't like that, it doesn't mean it's stupid or not fun. Pvp will get RTS elements and i think it's pretty cool. I'm sure many people will. Of course those ships could use some balance because VM isn't useful outside pvp anyway. I've given some alternative ideas ealier.

I think it's time for non hardcore pvp-ers to say that we don't agree with the vocal minority always complaining about everything that isn't DHCs. Those assets should remain in game, including in pvp, because it can be a decivise tactical element. They sholdn't be made completely useless like the photonic "fake" fleet with garbage ships doing nothing. If you don't like this don't use it but don't ask for the removal of these consumables, they aren't a problem because RTS elements aren't a problem. People willing to turn STO into a FPS are.

a pvp match were spam is the deciding factor is not pvp, its a farce.
So all the RTS games i've been playing during the last 10 years weren't pvp when i played against real people? That's the farce, mate.

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