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01-13-2013, 09:33 AM
Howdy Klinks! Been back for awhile and checking out the new content. I like what I see but I'm a bit annoyed at everything we get is cross-factional. And I'm not sure the Klingons would be so willing to help the Romulans whom they have had a long standing fued with but hey who knows lots of time has went by so maybe some of those old wounds have healed. Anywhoo I read above about a possible KAW3 this year, I was one of those who volunteered last year for the unofficial KAW2, and thought maybe we ought to do something to inspire interest in the KDF more than once a year.

I'm an old biker guy and we make several runs to various places every year for reasons such as:

- Or just because we can to have fun

Anyway I thought it would be cool to do something of this sort on the KDF side. Valentines Day is coming up and I thought maybe we could organize a run to Defera for a weekend of KDF awareness and have some fun. We could camp out at the ruins and hold some events such as starship races, PvE & PvP matches, and maybe an Orion girl wet T-Shirt contest. If it goes well then we can organize others, maybe do a Summer run to Bajor and a Fall run to New Romulus.

Let me know what you think.