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01-13-2013, 09:59 AM
My personal thoughts on them..

If the Romulan Call ins don't share a cool down with each other, that is bad. Because it just means Moar spam.

Give any ship with carrier hangers an ability to summon more ships, including Romulan DD's with VM, Shockwave, and TB, and the hull and shields they have, and it's trouble just waiting to happen, especially on the KDF side where some of the Pets are "better" then what the federation has in some respects.

As far as changing the ships abilities, Perhaps it could instead have Photonic Shockwave 3, and Scramble Sensors 1 or 2? It's still keeping in the spirit of the ship that way I suppose. And if it's Tractor beam also worked like the Danube Tractor beam where if a Danube's tractor beams are working on a target, then the DD's tractor beam can't activate.

How ever the biggest problem with this ship won't be from just 1 player calling one.. but if an entire team summons it.. Especially if those are each ships with a Carrier hanger.

And yes, this is a typical Carrier type making those kinds of complaints. Because I can see past being a Carrier pilot and how it can ruin game play to have those types of Pets in PVP.
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