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01-13-2013, 10:16 AM
It is the attitude of a lot of KDF players as shown in this thread that is the reason i don't PvP any more. "Feds suck", "Feds are all noobs" and far far worse i can't put here is often heard in Kerrat and the vast majority of my ignore list is made up of KDF players.

It is a shame because I would have liked to explore the KDF side more, I have a LG, he flies a B'rel and is pretty successful, but I find the whole approach and bullying type tactics of some, not all, KDF players to be distasteful and so I hardly ever play KDF and never visit our fleet KDF base or help in it's construction even though i started both fleets.

KDF players seem to be of a certain mindset, they stick together in cliques like bully boys on a street corner, gang up on the first unsuspecting fed that ventures into Kerrat and then sit around boasting about how ace they are.

There are some KDF players who are brilliant, will help you with builds, tactics and are generally nice people, there are many that are not. I think this is a large reason people simple don't play the KDF faction and don't bother to PvP much.

it doesn't matter if you agree with me or think I am wrong, this is my own very personal opinion which I thought I would share.

As for the consoles it makes sense to me that any and all consoles should be available to both sides. In a time of war you can be sure that the leech would have been captured and reverse engineered by the Federation if it offered an advantage.

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