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01-13-2013, 11:23 AM
Or it could be a valid observation.

I often play a Fed, and my worst, most deadly enemy are other Fed players.

In a KDF group, in PvP, I can usually count on some coordination from the other players. Not always, but good odds.
In a Fed group, in PvP, most of the time the Feds go all looping all over the place derping into gates and getting stuck in geometry as their rainbow skittleboats spew ineffectually all over.

Not always, and it's refreshing when there's a good Fed group, but... yeah.

It's not that there's something about Fed being inherently worse, though, and that's a problem with Fed complaints -- it's not the ships, it's not the consoles.
But since newcomers start as Feds, Fed has the most appeal and population, and Fed is the most iconic identity of Star Trek, Fed groups will tend to be 'the unwashed masses.' It's the flip side of popularity.

Accompanying that, in pvp there's no matching, so there's no way for better players to meet better players.