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Originally Posted by logicalspock View Post
I am not sure why you are playing this game, but a lot of us are because we love classic Star Trek, which includes the the NX, TOS, and Yesterday's Enterprise.

You say you love Star Trek yet people are refusing to allow it to grow they are stuck in their past Nastolgia being the ruining factor of the time line some of the ships they are requesting is over 200 years old they are way past their service time and don't give me that BS about refitting the Enterprise got decommissioned for being 20 years old they didn't refit her because with the brand new Excelsior there was little point

heck they only rebuilt it it to pamper kirk and even then it was no match for the excelsior in terms of technology heck it was not for Scotty maybe the Transwarp drive had actually worked by TNG there was no connies left they was obsolete something the fan base can't seem to accept heck even the Miranda and Excelsiors was nothing more then glorified workhorses they was not the backbone of the fleet mere expendable ships

People used the argument but admirals used the excelsior so it must be good still .... did it ever occure to you people that the reason admirals used the excelsior class was that all the actual tech ship was to busy to waste ferrying flag officers around other then the Lakota not a single Excelsior had gotten a full upgrade and I suspect that it was not Starfleet's policy to introduce such a radical upgrade to such a old ship Vice Admiral Layton most likely authorized the upgrade and never bothered to consult anyone about it the Defiant Crew seemed surprised about the upgrades
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