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Originally Posted by silverashes1 View Post
this was why i gave up on pvp way too many lockbox ships there.only a elite pvp player has a chance to beat a jem ship with out one i know because i have one and know what it can do.

the only people that ive seen defending jem ships are the ones that fly them. i saw one tank vs 3 escorts and 2 cruisers(i know these people and they were not pushovers) and then say that it is not op. i call epic targ dropings on that. the other ships arnt much more powerful then the average ship in my experience.
I'm not sure I've seen anyone saying the bug-ships aren't OP, the argument has just been that if you put the same players in lesser ships they'd still demolish people. That's likely true, since the type of person who has a bug is likely to have the best consoles and doffs anyway, and they're likely to have tons of experience.

It does always seem a little cheesy when I'm in a patrol escort that has gear that I literally spent one day doing missions over and over to accumulate, and I end up dogfighting a Bug named 'PvP Bootcamp' over and over. In an actual bootcamp, the most important quality in instructors is that they 'be, know, do'. Ideally drill instructors should be people you want the trainees to emulate.

I've never seen someone who advertises the PvP Bootcamp using anything that a noob PvPer could be expected to obtain. Ideally they's all be using ships and gear equivalent to what's in Hilbert's guide.

I know that they are some of the best players in the game, but it's still just seems cheesy when you are in and actual starter escort and you spend half a match dancing with a bug-ship only to have that guy advertising the bootcamp at the end of the match. It would just be a lot cooler if those guys ate their own dogfood.