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01-13-2013, 01:54 PM
Originally Posted by inktomi19 View Post
My sci does okay against them, but my sci does alright against any escort. My tac/escort just can't win against them because they turn so much better than a patrol escort, and had tougher hulls, and more shields, and more tac consoles, and more engineering consoles, and a couple of universal boffs.

The only thing the patrol escort has over the bug is one more science console.

That's what I mean about the PvP bootcamp guys not practicing what they preach -- you only ever see them in ships that are vastly superior to what noobs might be able to acquire.

If you cross ship types, then that of course will change things, but the bugs don't have any particular weakness that other escorts don't have.

I don't mean it as an insult against those guys -- I know they are genuinely trying to help. But if they want people to follow their example (which they obviuously do given that some have renamed their ships to 'PvP Bootcamp') it would work a lot better if they set an example. Their preferred ship has several advantages and no deficiencies.

tru ive only seen 1 pvp bootcamp not in a lockbox ship all the rest were in bugs or temporal destroyers. i refused to fly my bug until it is brought closer to the other escorts and what did they do? buff the thing to fleet lvl(witch it did not need) and the only way ive seen to take down a bug is snb and a escort wich is why sci seems so effective but that works on all ships so not realy saying much