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*Chester walks back in.*

Chester: it's not any cypher I recognise.

Sanders: Wait. Taras is a real Drama Queen, right? He wants to put on a show.

Chester: Right, you caught his performance at Memory Alpha.

Sanders: No, that was just previews. This is Opening Night!

Chester: He wants a spectacle.

Sanders: He wants a stage with his name plastered over it.

Chester: Son of a gun.

Take the 3rd Letter of each row and apply Delta-Romeo encryption *he taps a few keys on his PADD.* and you get... *the numbers change to letters, reading "STANE".*

Stane Industries.

He's heading for Deis II.
*James comes back in fresh armored clothing, utilities, and helm in hand. Smelling of disinfectant*

James: Lets go. I don't like this guardian already.