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Originally Posted by silverashes1 View Post
tru ive only seen 1 pvp bootcamp not in a lockbox ship all the rest were in bugs or temporal destroyers. i refused to fly my bug until it is brought closer to the other escorts and what did they do? buff the thing to fleet lvl(witch it did not need) and the only way ive seen to take down a bug is snb and a escort wich is why sci seems so effective but that works on all ships so not realy saying much
To be fair, I have seen guys in star cruisers advertising the bootcamp. And all the paid cruisers seem closer in effectiveness to the star cruiser than the bug is to the starter escorts.

If you're talking about an escort vs escort fight, even the fleet patrol cruiser is closer to the vanilla model than the bug, since the turn rates are very close. The bug basically has the agility of a bird of prey, but the sturdiness of a fed escort. Escort vs. BoP fights can be a little balanced because the escort is more able to take damage so it can compensate for not getting it's guns on target as easily. But an escort has no advantage at all over a bug.