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01-13-2013, 02:21 PM
Originally Posted by mancom View Post
I think it would be beneficial to eventually have a codified version of Classic PVP rules.

Here is a first very rough draft:

This way, if it catches on and we can agree on a ruleset, one could simply refer to this document instead of re-negotiating the rules everytime.
You forgot Aegis for space sets.

Also, based on the other "up for discussion" ship options you should have the B'rel and Karfi (token options at one point), since you include like tier options on the Fed side. Though, personally I'd be no for all of those.

Also, you should have limit on carrier pets (green or white only, not sure what was round than).

Along the lines of Red Matter I'd disqualify batteries which effect more than one system and Red Matter Cap.

For rep skills, I'd disqualify toons w/the placate proc.

Was Deut around than? If not disqualify that as well?