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01-13-2013, 03:46 PM
Many good ideas.

Regarding the ships: I really wouldn't want to include the Karfi. The frigate pets are evil. And the Brel opens up possible problems with the enhanced battle cloak and permacloak tactics. In general the VA klingon ships (varanus, marauder, gurumba) introduced non-cloak mechanics which robbed the KDF of their identity, so I'm a bit hesitant there. The mirror qin and the vorcha would probably be okay I guess.
I definitely wouldn't want to have the Vulcan ship (pet spam!) and the MVAM (pet spam and LtC Sci on a non-Bop escort). Dreadnought is probably not a problem, but who would seriously fly that? The Excelsior and Nebula started the trend towards LtCs that did not match the ship class, so maybe they should be excluded?

Regarding Mk XII gear: I think Mk XII can be allowed. I don't really see a problem with people upgrading to Mk XII instead of old XI gear.

And I like my RMC! I want to keep it!