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01-13-2013, 04:06 PM
Its all so Silly. The Secret to obtaining prototype Romulan and Reman Weapons and Ship technology is not to reclaim them from Tholian userpers or steal them from Tal-shear spys. Its....
(Drum roll please) Chasing Bunny Wabbits !!! Who on the design team thought that up? I would love to be able to sit in at some of the design teams meetings just to interject some common since and logic to thier thinking. There needs to be 4 Romulan mark missions with ground and space versions that pay from 50 to 75 marks per run. Just like the STF's. They need to get rid of the "Red Alert" daily beacuse it is broke.I have been trying for 4 days and after 20 attemps I still cant get into one. It needs to just be a mission that pays 50-75 marks with a 30 min cool down. Or have a "Defeat enemy signal contact" mission for Tau Dewa where you defeat 3 and get 30-50 marks. Repeatable, no cool down. There is 2 ideas right there with the Red alert and signal contact mission that would make players happy. Currently if you do a Tholian signal contact and kill 9 squad's you get nothing.