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Originally Posted by misterde3 View Post
Not sure where you got all this supposed background information (about the fire suppression etc.) but have you ever seen "The Original Series", or "The Next Generation"-episodes like "The Emissary"?
Ships could always turn at warp until that stupid episode on Voyager where they suddently stated they can't and have to slow to impulse.
Heck, in "The Ultimate Computer" the Enterprise fought other ships at Warp 3+ without ever slowing down.
It's not a feature unique to the Constellation class.
There is an entire collection of books detailing Picard and his command of the Stargazer. He was forced to abandon his ship after the Ferengi attack beacuse of a Fire and the Fire supression system overloading. A design flaw in the class. In the same book it details some of the speacial abilities of the Class due to its 4 nacelle design. You can also look up all the information you want on the Class at Memory Alpha and memory beta web sites.