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01-13-2013, 04:55 PM
For people that grew up watching the series and movies, the "we need more canon ships" is not an excuse, it is more than an argument, it is a reason to play and to SPENT money on this game, i am not against adding more ships to the game, but the fact that the class itself is "old" does not mean anything, ships can be refitted and retrofitted as needed.
The Constellation was bigger than the Miranda and the Constitution, it is not meant to replace any of those, i think it was the medium cruiser in the time when the Excelsior was the heavy cruiser, its particular design offered advantages (as with any other class that has 4 nacelles) and it had it place in history, some of the systems where no proper for the class on its day, but these are new times, so that is not really a reason not to have it and finally, what every person is going to do with it depends on said person, and should not be of the concerns of others, same as with every other class, including the original Constitution.
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