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01-13-2013, 04:10 PM
Originally Posted by starfleetlufia View Post
what you describe is paradox did the Galaxy exist during ToS? no it didn't but yet people accepted it why? because it was featured in a series how is that different then a game we never saw any original series ship again in Tng yet no one complained why is that surely the introduction of ships like the nebula and the galaxy and the akira and the sovereign would by considered none iconic ships they was just ships someone came up with for that show just as cryptic has their own designs for this area are they any less valid then the Galaxy in TNG? simply because its a game?

as for favorite ships I don't have any you see unlike you I'm not stuck in the past I use the ship that gets the job done and fits the setting be it a Cryptic Design of my 29th cent wells yes the wells is indeed a canon ship from Voyager however unlike your prehistoric scrap yard museums it has not been invented yet
So, you do not think that Trekkies should be able to fly their favorite ships from the show in this game yet you cannot provide a single, concrete example about how it would improve the game. You are a Star Trek fan but you do not have a favorite ship from the shows. Do I have that right?