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01-13-2013, 04:13 PM
Originally Posted by avertyoureyess View Post
The big question thats being raised is time vs reward. Im sure the devs can see which missions are being played. When the STFs reward was changed i had a hard time getting into them, people werent playing. Plain and simple why spend alot of time for so lil reward. Eppoh tagging does offer more, but why not open up Azure Nebula to more ships to give a suitable challenge and reward. Even if they opened up a reoccuring timer or something. So you have to keep getting ships to add time to your timer. so for instance you have a mission total of say 15 minutes. You start off with 5. Each smaller ship gives more time but less points, and larger more points less time. This way you have a reason to go for the smaller ships, instead of always going for the scimitar. The more time you keep adding the longer the mission and more rom points. This would also add some excitement, and encourage teamwork. Just a suggestion, the current mission is good, but it can be so much better.
Well not only that, but in a time gated mission, there should be no cap....THAT'S WHAT THE TIME LIMIT IS FOR!

Eaither hard cap with mission ending when cap is reached, or no cap with time limit. NOT BOTH!!!