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Originally Posted by andoriansrus View Post
nice with the backhanded insult to those of us that know what we are doing...oh and as to it being a PVE issue that does not really hurt anyone think again.... the Elite Scorpions are starting to appear in PVP and you can bet that sometime soon the PVP players will be screaming nerf don't believe me come play PVP in Arenas or Kerrat either will do and you will see Elite Scorpion Fighters being spit out of the hangar bays of anything that can launch fighters/shuttles/BoPs the Elite Scorpion is where its at for now....

but to claim that this is a PVE issue and hurts no one is not the correct answer....

the Correct Answer would be... Unless you are talking about Elite Scorpions you should look into using something else, but when you can get the Elite Scorpions if you want DPS those are the way to go
You need to learn to read within context, I even quoted the person I was responding to.

And no, i don't think the Scorpions are that big of a deal in PvP. A single person running FaW shuts them down, and the plasma missles are slow moving regardless. In PvE though... they just destroy stuff. And this isn't even counting the Recluse issue. It puts carriers on par with or above escorts in the damage potential category. (and if you use the Recluse with them, it just shatters everything else atm)

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