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Originally Posted by derbeelzebot View Post
I'm going to spill the beans: All scorpions are bugged. In a way that makes them more powerful. To be precise, hangars outfitted with Scorpion fighters launch twice as many fightercraft as normal.

24 Scorpions > everything else.

So as of now, Scorpions beat every alternative. The question is: Where do they stand without that bug?

Elites will still be great, as their HY torps hit for around 8k damage, before you even factor in the Plasma burn. And every fresh fighter fires one.
Advanceds will be okay, as the dilithium cost is normal for advanced hangar items.
Blues will suck, because they offer no advantage over the blue peregrines which are pretty much free

So unless you want to bet on Cryptics lack of speed regarding bug fixes, only the elite scorpions are worth the price tag. But if you're willing every Scorpion will work for a time.

I believe it's only the Tholian Recluse. Or atleast that's the only ship I have seen it on (I only own a Recluse and a Kar'fi).

I was struggling to figure out why the Recluse was doing significantly more damage than the Kar'fi when logic would dictate otherwise, and that's when I realized the massive armada of fighters floating around me in the Recluse.

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