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01-13-2013, 05:06 PM
Originally Posted by sebastion84 View Post
So this was originally a forum post to address some issues in PVP.. It was ridiculed by many alike.. I admit i may have been unclear on some points, but that is not what i would like to discuss.. This is what i would like to discuss...

So the Sad Panda member who ridiculed this post.. well it seems this person was partly responsible for the cancellation of a PVP tournament. Makes me laugh a lot.. Oh and to make it better said players post was removed due to a breach in the Community Rules and Policies.. LOL @ said player!

I am sure said player will comment the heck outta this post, but i just wanted to get my 2 cents in.. I am done with this forum topic now, I have had my chuckle for the month, Thanks Sad Pandas!


Oh PS: To the said player of this post from Sad Pandas.. i have this to say.. Class move by ruining a pvp tournament for everyone else ^_^
As far as I understand it, it was the first two messages in that series of moderated posts that stepped over the line. The last two posts (including Brandon's) were not censored for violating the forum rules, but because they quoted and referenced the second post which divulged private and personal correspondence on the forums.