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01-13-2013, 05:30 PM
incorrect on both accounts.

misinformation spreads easy, but test it yourself with a weapon battery. it will simulate a weapon power in excess of 150 no matter what skill spec. you are running.

assuming you have no points or max points in warp talents or weapon power you can still set your power to 100. using a lowbie battery provides 75 power giving a minimum of 175 power.

it is well established that only 125 can ever possibly count toward the dmg output calculation. however the conjecture about some sort of power buffer are easily dispelled.

even with 4 dhc and 3 turrets in my ship i can use the battery and power still drops down. power usage without a battery doesnt ever reach 75 points. so why would this virtual excess of 175 drop the power as though no battery was used??

because the lies about there being some sort of buffer were around in 2010 when i played at launch, and the test still shows there is no buffer as of today.

ty for your time.