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It would be very useful if the game could have a means to 'mark' specific weapons so that only they make use of BOFF weapon ability.

For example, if I have a beam array that has all the hard hitting stats and several other beam arrays that are so-so I would want to tag the hard hitting beam array as the only one that will fire the beam overload attack.

Same with torpedoes...since I can fire many different torpedoes I would like to select which specific one will use up my high yield. For example, if I load a chroniton, a plasma and a quantum I would like my plasma to be the only one to use up the high yield so I can fire a heavy plasma. You get the idea.

How to mark the weapon? Simple! Allow us to drag and drop the boff ability to the weapon display and that will 'link' the weapon to that specific ability. The icon for the weapon will display the ability icon as a small token on the top right corner. Easy enough no?

Finally, it would also be great if we could tweak our sound files a bit. I have this great klingon war song sound byte and I'd love to have it play when I use atk ptrn omega... so if you guys could release a list of sound files (so we know which does what) and the sound dat info (khz,audio file type,etc) we could figure it out on our own.