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01-13-2013, 07:13 PM
Originally Posted by zahinder View Post
Until pug vs. pre made stops being such a massive miserable experience and pvp becomes popular enough to have decent gamescore matching, I consider STO pvp dead and buried.

There are no good rewards, the system is riddled with massive, deep problems that STO has taken precisely 0 changes to improve.

Which is a shame, because when I was last active, pvp was occasionally really really fun. The occasions just unfortunately became increasingly ... occasional.
I'm in OPvP right now. I'm sure that if you asked, it would not be such a hard thing to find 4 other people to team up with.

I don't see the lack of segregated queues in a game with such a small population as a bad thing. Now, if we had a large community of PvPers then you could start looking into it. But if we implemented that change now, you'd just have pugmades or anyone who teams up shafted in favor of those who are unwilling to take 1 minute of their time to ask for a team invite.

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