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01-13-2013, 06:52 PM
Originally Posted by sollvax View Post
Requirements for ULTRA elite (proposed)

All White build
Canon faction ship (non zen store non lock box)
No slotted Doffs above white
No non standard (zen store) consoles

20 PERFECT runs on elite on that STF (optional gained no fatalities)

Rules for play (suggested)

1 life (you die you fail)
Comms on at all times
log out you are banned for 48 hours (account wide)
Disconnected you reconnect in the SAME instance if you get back on before it finishes OTHERWISE you get the ban
log outs and disconnects do not count as deaths

for perfect completion (no deaths no failures) five times elite reward
partial completion same as elite reward
failure Nothing

sound fair?
mmmm, NO, account wide ban are you serious? yep lets be elitist, you want hard que a private Cure Elite match where everyone agrees to your suggestion. if you die you voluntarily stay away from game for 48hrs

Originally Posted by baudl View Post
i'm a supporter of the reintroduction of the old stfs (ground and space combined)
this is how i think it should be done:
- combine ground and space stfs to a 45 min to 60 min mission (basically the old stfs, only slightly reshaped)
- no public queue for them, only accessable via the private queue system, or the only way to start them is to preform a grp and fly to the corresponding system (as it used to be)
- mob level 52 (as currently in hive elite)
- add a weekly mission to complete all 4 (rewards 500 omega marks, 5000 dilithium or a very rare MK XII lootbox)
- add a daily mission for one stfs (cycles through all 4 of them. example: tuesday is hive day, wednesday is infected day, ...)
each daily mission rewards 100 Omega marks or 50 fleet marks, a MKXI very rare lootbox and 960 dilithium

*there should also be a weekly mission for the current stfs, complete all 8 (or all 8 optionals) and get omega marks (or fleet marks) dilithium and very rare MKXII gear.
maybe if you do it on normal, instead of very rare mk xi gear you get mk x

**something similar could be done for the fleet actions: weekly mission for completing all of them once (or seperate space and ground), rewards 250 fleet marks 3000 dilithium and very rare MKXII gear.
THIS is a great idea for an elite STF, bring out the cookies and coffee it will be a long run but rewarding in the end, sign me up