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Originally Posted by mercurythefirst View Post
The Defiant was and is the Federation's only purpouse-built offensive Warship.

Star Trek is just about the only sci-fi franchise to have gotten it right: the most powerful ships of war would be smaller, not larger (at Starfleet's level of technology) simply because in space combat, inertia is your number one enemy.

You can purpouse-build a ship the size of a Dreadnought to wage nothing but war, but suddenly you're a cumbersome platform and relying (in the shows/movies) on many underpowered 360-degree weapon platforms instead of very destructive fore weapons that you can reliably bring to bear with superior mobility.

It seems like it's very 'cool' among the uninformed on these forums to rip on the Defiant, as if it was unrealistic somehow that it would be one of the Federation's most powerful vessels. In fact, it's anything but unrealistic.

It's all down to warp core miniaturization, making a warp core small enough to supply power to this fearsome weaponry, something the Federation have mastered.
You're ignoring the fact that 40 years have passed since the Dominion Wars. Technologies that the Defiant pioneered, and were not deployed on other Federation ships of that era, can very realistically become commonplace on the rest of the fleet in the intervening time.

Secondly, the Defiant was far from the only warship the federation designed. Look at the various craft originally slated to become part of the anti-Borg task force. Toss those same 40 years filled with constant unrest and intermittent wars, and there is absolutely no reason to believe that a military doctrine and way of thinking defined by the holocaust of the Dominion Wars isn't at the top of many a flag officer's mind.