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Originally Posted by xantris View Post
You need to learn to read within context, I even quoted the person I was responding to.

And no, i don't think the Scorpions are that big of a deal in PvP. A single person running FaW shuts them down, and the plasma missles are slow moving regardless. In PvE though... they just destroy stuff. And this isn't even counting the Recluse issue. It puts carriers on par with or above escorts in the damage potential category. (and if you use the Recluse with them, it just shatters everything else atm)
fair enough, but to think they are not that big a deal in PVP now that a lot of people are starting to get the ELITE Scorpions before long it will be the ONLY "fighter" being used by both factions and more so by recluse captains.... its about spam and since I can spit a flight of Scorpions every 10-13 seconds so I can usually outspam someones FAW, and if you get 2 or more people spamming them FAW cant keep up.... yeah sure the HY Torp is slow moving but you cant kill them all fast enough sure you could put on a Point Defense system but after you use it that's on a 2 minute cooldown and if you happen to run into someone that has a dedicated Plasma burn build with Torp HY on top of the fighter spam you will be hard pressed deciding what to use the FAW on and since FAW is broken right now.... you see this could get out of hand very quickly.... I have already started seeing pre-made PVP groups that SPAM the Elite Scorpions... and lets not even get started on the Recluse Captains spamming the Elite Scorpions in PVP 1 person with beam fire at will CANNOT kill them all fast enough especially if he is spitting out a new wave every 10-15 seconds....

so for it not affecting PVP you should pvp more and you would see it first hand.....
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