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01-13-2013, 08:23 PM
admiral layton was partically right for upgrading the excelior class uss lakota in a time of war to have better armed ships. also admiral layton was totally wrong to has tried to over take the ferderation goverment with the military starfleet.

as a rewward captain sisko should have been given the uss lakota as his personal ship for saving earth and stopping from admiral layton's illegeal coup and the defenant would have been still a signed to deep space nine.

as far as older classes starships being in game could be used mostly by cikvian fleets and maitained my federation most loyal cilvians but how were not in starfleet. with such a long war and starfleet to busy fighting and it had too little resorces to fight on the front lines and protect the cilvian fraters and cargo ships. so starfleet allowed the most loyal cilvians to use olders ships and refit the with up to tier 3 current with the condishion of supervision by starfleet and starfleet could use 1 out of every even if cilvians built new older ship classed too. the cilvians would have acccess to all tos ships, early earth starfleet nx and all of nx sister classes and tmp constelation class. starfleet also takes 8 out 10 nx class, conni constitution class, oberth class as starfleets liuetantent officer ships.
i like to see a verson taffie's in the c-store and tier 3 ships and also see more federation freighters in starttrek online
starfleet would own and operate excelior class and newer class of starships even the 25 century starfkeet ships.