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01-13-2013, 09:25 PM
Ok, I managed to get to the mission starbase 24, I left it for a day, and when I came back and auto pilot to Starbase 24 from sector space, I joined the queue, but, no way can this mission be finished, as soon as it showed the Klingons had been slowed down, and my panel showed 50 had been defeated, and I was ready to warp out of the sector, I was suddenly surrounded by mega loads of Klingons as if the game reset, and I was wiped out, I counted being respawned 10 times, and each respawn I had to start again, 50 Klingons, then get wiped out again as the game resets and I get stuck in the middle of tons of Klingon bird of prey ships, to which is a losing battle, thus when I respawned again, I warped out the sector and dropped the mission, and trying something else.