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Originally Posted by lordgyor View Post
Just out of curiousity does anyone think the defiant would make a good hangar pet say for the Atrox?

The Defiant could easily fit on the Atrox, the Defiant is small. Not sure if it could fit on a Escort Carrier though.
Atrox ain't big enough, the KDF BoPs that fly off a Vo'quv are smaller in pressurized profile, and the wings fold up, making them narrow-the defiant's a pretty blocky ship, and fairly bulky comparatively (I won't address the Fel'kri ships-their geometry's just too weird to make sense...)

In real terms, though, I'd suspect the federation would need a truly semi-immobile carrier to justify carrying the Defiant as a hangar pet-see something with a max turn of 3 or so, and the inertial/handlng characteristics of a city bus on icy streets with no brakes and low tyres.
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