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I agree, we must let it grow.

That means that according to recent events, Next Gen never happened.

Thanks to JJ we are right back at TOS just with more modern ships.

Too bad they don't get the rights for that, I'd love to fly the New Enterprise.
As far as I'm concerned JJ Trek never happen its a bad joke an almost parody they might as well have let bay be the director they got about as much respect for their respect ip's established lore as yes today's garbage but la least we'd get more unwanted explosion and maybe not a I pod bridge

some people say jj trek is good but a film that prides it self on being nothing but action with a rather crude plot line is not star trek at least not how Roddenberry saw it but ever since the creator of Star Trek died they have been tearing down his legacy conforming it to the brainless mainstream that can't even open their fly without a instruction manual

Tos, Tng, Ds9, Voy was good .... Enterprise was omg what was they thinking its rubbish and then we got the final nail in the coffin ... the so called Reboot which was nothing but a glorified cash cow

we didn't need more prequel junk what we needed was a director that actually knew what he was doing
First Contact was great, Generations, Insurrection, Nemesis maybe not so much the problem is not the time line setting its how you plan the plot frankly the baku was not that interesting not to mention in TNG there was a plot about the exact same thing and guess what picard was fine with moving those people
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