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01-14-2013, 01:05 AM
Low level PvP is still fun if it pops, as queues are pretty much dead. And I think it is because the lack of P2W stuff and general concentration on your own skill, not on keybinding. The one ship from each class you can get from C-Store is not ruining the game experience.

I wonder how it will looks like when I reach VA. From what I read here, most likely I will end with "meh, frack it" and roll another toon for low level experience. And it's not about premades, was never bothered by them even in times when finding one was a bit easier cause there were still some Pandas or X-Tremes or whoever else around.

But when one reads: shields with [ResA][ResB], something fleet here, something fleet there, buy this, take that and then looks at his F2P account with EC limit, Z-Points that are 4 times as expensive as they are for the euro-zone or US guys (exchange rates, my dears) and friggin amount of P2W stuff around...

I will most likely stay on low level or take another break from STO for few months, as I have serious doubts about PvP being enjoyable for F2P player.