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01-14-2013, 03:03 AM
great post virus, Engiers are deep in da funk, and just because i can still pop a tac cube iwth my eng/cruiser doesn't mean that the class isn't in deep trouble in space.

Comparing the usefulness and dmg potential of ground vs space is quite enlightening as well. Sci is ground healer, and eng can do *gasp* dmg.

The main problem is the subsystem energy inflation, and brokeness of beams and beam skills that make both engie energy powers obsolete. Why not introduce some team component to engie skills. Ie MW stays self, but clears all subsystem offline for the whole team (like ET without hull heal). RSF could have similar team effects, this would turn engies into desired team members.

THe energy skills need a revamp either on the weapons end, on the end of fixing acc bug with BO and F@W, Team batteries need to go, or maybe allow eng to overcap energy differently frmo other classes 150 instead of 125. This would give the Engie the bite it needs to be back in the same courtyard to sci and tac when dmg is concerned. Anybody saying that NI, APA, and SNB are equally valuable to your team is kiddin themselves hard.
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