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01-14-2013, 03:46 AM
The point, incase it is still escaping you, is to be a starship captain. The shows only show the highlights and even at that there are episodes you could skip and not miss any of the story. The doff system gives you a chance to interact with your crew. The wierd thing is I can drop crewmembers off all over the galaxy and somehow they make it back to my location provided they where not killed in the line of duty, lol. In my opinion, sto could go farthur with the realism but many players would get bored.

The nice thing is you dont have to participate. Personally, I dont read all the discriptions, I just look at the numbers mostly. But I enjoy numbers games.

Another point that may or may not have been mentioned is leveling of lowbie toons. I have literally leveled a toon all the way to 40 with out actually playing missions.