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Originally Posted by vestereng View Post
If you are going back on tribble do me a favour and check your reputation window and see if your unlocks are there because it tells me I am 0 reputation and won't display my unlocks.
I noticed the same issue the first day I transferred a character to Tribble, the rep was back at 0. Though, since I had reached tier 1 on both reps and selected the tier 1 powers (upgrades) BEFORE I transferred, the powers were apparently still selected, but I can't really know for sure if the stat bonus was actually active.

When it comes to the boff stations missing, I've never had that issue on Tribble, even though I transferred my characters after Season 7. Could the selected ship have something to do with it? I've flyed the Odyssey, Bortas, and Breen ship on Tribble and never had the Boff stations disappear.