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Originally Posted by vestereng View Post
Isn't it just the "normal" s.7 boff bug that happened to everyone?

Did you try changing ship and re-equip them?

If you are going back on tribble do me a favour and check your reputation window and see if your unlocks are there because it tells me I am 0 reputation and won't display my unlocks.
I never heard about missing Tribble station slots as a 'normal' s7 bug. I know that on holo we all had missing boffs in the station slots and had to reassign them. But this is different, the slots themselves are gone. I cant even select a boff for, say Cmdr, because Cmdr doesn't even display. None of the stations display.

I recopied some toons to tribble again, went to the shipyard and changed ships. On some of the changed ships the stations slots were there and I could select Boffs. On some I couldn't. And when I switched back to my original ship, the station slots were still missing.

Re reputations, according to the Status tab my toons were still T5 with the selected passives highlighted. However, my unlocks like yours also aren't displayed. In the project selections, the only choices I had were the grind ones. No weapons or anything seemed to have been unlocked. However, I know that we can go to the DS9 vendor near Roxy and test for free all of the rep weapons.

Originally Posted by admiralnat View Post
When it comes to the boff stations missing, I've never had that issue on Tribble, even though I transferred my characters after Season 7. Could the selected ship have something to do with it? I've flyed the Odyssey, Bortas, and Breen ship on Tribble and never had the Boff stations disappear.
One of the problem ships is an Odyssey. Also Patrol Escort. It is strange how some ships at the shipyards have boff slots and some do not.

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