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01-14-2013, 05:40 AM
Thought I'd share my D'Kora build


Set 1
4 x Tetryon Cannon Mk XII [acc]x3
3 x Tetryon Turret Mk XII [acc]x3 + Cutting beam

Set 2
4 x Phased Tetryon Cannon Mk XII [acc]x2
3 x Tetryon Turret Mk XII [acc]x2 + Cutting beam

Set 3
4 x Phaser Cannon Mk XII [acc]x3
3 x Phaser Turret Mk XII [acc]x2 [CrtD] + Cutting beam

Set 4
7 x Phased Tetryon beam array Mk XII [acc]x2 + Cutting beam

I tried the option without the Cutting beam, but works better with it.

Eng - EPS (1 or 2, depends), Neutronium, 1 purple MK XII armor console depending on the opponents weapons, sometimes RCS
Sci - D'Kora Battle module 3000, Field generator, Borg console
Tac - 3 x Tetryon or Phaser MK XII purple (30%)

Deflector, engine, shields - all Borg, but waiting for Omega mk XII Deflector to try that set also.


TT1 - CRF1 - CRF2 or TT1 - FAW1 - FAW2 (just for PVE sometimes if i use beams set)
EPW1 - EPS2 - EXT shields 2 - Aux to SIF 3
ST1 - HE2

I know i have 2x TT and 1x ST, that's on purpose.

Captain is alien with elusive, accurate, techie and efficient traits.
Crew - all efficient Saurians.

Duty officers - 2x purple Shield distribution, Exocomp, Conn officer and 5th i'm still testing cos i haven't played for several months.

I just realized there are no more old posts, so for everyone who knows me, my ingame nick is @ursus_arctos, Ad Infinitum fleet

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