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01-14-2013, 05:46 AM
Originally Posted by seekeroftech View Post
Submitted this as ticket ID #1,430,658.

The Mission sub-objective "Subdue Tal Shiar Agents" cannot be completed if the first wave of Romulan agents are defeated in the canyon before the player has moved far enough forward to complete the objective "Investigate Mountain Pass", and trigger the parent objective "Disrupt Tal Shiar Operations".

(Possible?) Workaround: Don't kill any Tal Shiar agents until you move into the first area and get the objective "Disrupt Tal Shiar Operations" which has the sub-objective "Subdue Tal Shiar Agents."

Let me know if this works as I've only had two tries to confirm this.

Edit: The workaround has worked for me 4 times now. It looks like the first wave doesn't get counted if you defeat them before the objective pops up.
That works for me too, just put your toons (team) on passive mode, leave the first group of romulans untouched and rush to the first camp, attack an npc there, switch your team back to normal and there you go.