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01-14-2013, 07:33 AM
The OP likely isn't level 50. Those Negh'vars are pretty deadly in the earlier level bands and players aren't geared to 11 like most vice admirals.

OP: The getting surrounded bit happens a lot. Fleet actions have multiple objectives, just like a solo mission but on a larger scale. SB24 has both objectives in the same area, so the first one tends to draw you right into the ambush when objective 2 spawns. A lot of people die at that point.

Dying is not penalized (except that you're not gaining score while dead), and the injury system isn't enabled on fleet actions, so your fine. As people respawn, they'll be engaging at the edge of the Klingon fleet where they won't get surrounded. Stay with the group and let the Klingons come to you and you won't get overwhelmed.